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Kirsten Clark (Powell)

about me
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I did a foundation course in Art and Design at HCAT, East Sussex in 2000/2001 before moving to Bristol to do a degree in Fine Art in Context at the University of the West of England. In 2005/2006 I undertook a PGCE in secondary Art and Design at Bath Spa University. I continue to live and work, both as artist and teacher, in Bristol.

Through my art work I investigate, and experiment with, the written form of the English language. I am interested in the way that text can convey meaning, language as memory, the use of language to document and what happens when language becomes redundant.

My experiments and investigations take on many forms including photography, installation and painting.

I have shown my work nationally including Oxo Tower Wharf (London), The Saltburn Gallery (Teesside) and Fairfield Arts Centre (Basingstoke).