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Kirsten Clark (Powell)

my work
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Learning to dance


Cyprus 2007

In July/August 2007 I participated in the Cyprus College of Art Summer Studio in Larnaca. These are examples of some of the work inspired by Cyprus


This handpainted poster was created to advertise the website relating to a project that i am doing where i am collecting stories and pictures relating to shoes.

It was displayed at 'Gasworks' in Vauxhall during their 'Stick*Stamp*Fly*' exhibition, summer 2007


...because every shoe can tell a story

For several months I have been collecting images and stories relating to shoes.

For this series of paintings I have concentrated on my own vast collection of shoes.



Through the windows

this is a hand written account of the human activity taking place directly in front of the shop windows.


These were made specifically for 'message on a bottle' a collaborative community project, part of the Southbank Bristol Arts Trail 2007.


the comic book series

This series of paintings is based on the language used in comic books. I am exploring how by taking words and phrases out of context their meaning can become ambiguous. I am also interested in the visual qualities of these words and how the way they look might affect the way they sound.


silent flowers

In its original form this was a large pile of paper flowers made from unwanted books.

This is about words becoming redundant and the idea of sharing a non-existant message.


in memory...

This experiments with using language as a form of memory. Plaques were placed on park benches to celebrate and commemorate the small personal memories that we may all have experienced.



Made specifically for an exhibition at Spyglass restaurant, Welshback, Bristol, 'Watching' documents the human activity in that area.



From February to June 2004 I worked with the Bristol ferry company to make work based on the experience of the ferry and ideas of the journey.


The wishing tree

This was created for 'Detour', a site specific one-day event in Leigh Woods, Bristol in the summer of 2003.